Why an online library? Why this website?

Good questions.

Yes, I love books! Just some of the texts from my first year at Air Command and Staff College.

My LibraryThing cataloging effort started in 2011 mainly out of frustration at not knowing what books I had. After 15 years of collecting, 5 years of teaching, and more than 1000 volumes, I simply couldn’t find anything. Using LibraryThing, I was able to scan, organize, and catalog all my collected works and make them easier to find in my physical stacks.

Fast forward 11 years and my library is divided between three locations: physical storage in Colorado, a house in Colorado, and my RV. What is where? That is what I’m hoping to solve with this next iteration of my LibraryThing catalog.

Plus, playing with widgets and WordPress. And I’ll likely document what I’ve learned along the way somewhere in these pages.

No commercial purpose. No social purpose. Just looking to be a bit more organized.

If you find my reviews and tutorials helpful, feel free to drop me a note.