My Book

Yes, believe it or not, I wrote a book.

In 2012, Dr. Mike Prevou and I decided to document our approach to building effective communities of practice. For the last decade we had engaged in and explored social learning (we were Facebook before Facebook was cool) in the military context, and found the time ripe for summarizing our learning before moving on to other, larger knowledge management projects.

Over the next two years we surveyed thought leaders in the knowledge management space for their best social learning practices and documented our findings in an creative, easily understandable way: a tweet-book.

What’s a tweet book? A collection of short, hard-hitting, 140-character bullets designed to provide actionable knowledge to practitioners wanting to design, facilitate, and learn from communities of practice.

#Successful Corporate Learning Tweet Book #07 – Everything You Need to Know About Communities of Practice.

It never made much of a big splash in the community space, but it serves as a great guide to working principles for how to get real value from an online community. Topics include:

  • Section I: What is a community of practice?
  • Section II: How do communities add value?
  • Section III: Establishing Effective Communities
  • Section IV: Principles for Communities
  • Section V: Building a Community – What comes first?
  • Section VI: Stoking the Fire – Creating Success through Effective Facilitation
  • Section VII: Driving Adoption
  • Section VIII: Measuring Value
  • Section IX: Final Advice for Organizational Leaders
  • Appendix A: Questions to Answer in Governance
  • Appendix B: What goes into a Community Charter?
  • Appendix C: Sample Community Metrics

View the book at LibraryThing, or purchase your own copy from one of the following vendors:

  • ThinkAha! (Note: The website says the book is still being written….that’s odd.)
  • Amazon